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Ep. 099 | How to Stay Positive and Free from Fear when the News is Overwhelmingly Bad and Fear-based


How can we stay positive and free from fear when the news is overwhelmingly bad and fear-based?

I got this topic idea in the form of a question from a good friend and a former guest on this show, Frederic Tate. You can find him on Ep. 056 Ignore at Your Own Risk: How Your Relationship with Death Affects Your Quality of Life, with Dr. Frederic Tate. Frederic’s a fascinating guy with a fascinating story. I thoroughly enjoyed that interview, and I wholeheartedly recommend that episode. 

Frederic's experience is that it is difficult to stay positive and free from fear when he perceives the news to be overwhelmingly bad and fear-based. Many of you can relate. It is a wild time to be alive on planet earth. 

In this episode, I offer 5 specific ways to stay positive and free from fear when the news is overwhelmingly bad and fear-based:

  1. Practice solitude.

  2. Consume the news in small doses and pick your sources thoughtfully.

  3. Invest much more of your time, energy, and attention in things that are within your realm of influence than in things that aren’t. 

  4. Nurture meaningful relationships and cultivate more as needed. 

  5. Cultivate a relationship with the Transcendent. 

I elaborate quite a bit on each of those five points, and point three has several supporting subpoints, so tune into the full episode for the full benefit–-including a discussion of some of the particular perils and pitfalls to avoid that are uniquely associated with the globalized age we live in.  

Remember: You ARE going to die. But you’re not dead yet. So get after it!

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