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Andrew Petty | Life coach

Hi, I'm Andrew. And I'm dying. 

In my early 20s, I was in the grips of debilitating anxiety. I felt like a ticking time bomb, physically and emotionally--certain that one catastrophic health event or another was soon and suddenly going to end my life.

Then, almost 20 years later, my brother-in-law got a bleak cancer diagnosis. He was 36, with a wife and three beautiful kids. I had gradually let myself go over the years--ironically conceding my own health in my battle with the anxiety that plagued me every day. As I saw my brother-in-law wage a real life-and-death battle, I realized that I wasn't doing what I could to stay on the planet with my wife and boys as long as possible. I went from almost complete neglect of my physical wellbeing to fit and ship-shape again within a year. My confrontation with Mortality literally whipped my butt into shape. 

There's a lot more to the story, and I unpack it more in episodes 001 & 003. But both my anxiety-fueled and real encounters with Mortality have shown me its unmatched motivational power. And what if by failing to confront our Mortality, we're doing ourselves more harm than good? 

I'm dying. And so are you. But we're NOT DEAD YET! Join me for a rare and courageous conversation on Andrew Petty is Dying. Tap into the power of your Mortality to become the person you were made to be and live the life you were made to live. 

I'd love to connect.

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