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001 You're Dying: How to Make the Most of It

Introducing Andrew Petty is Dying


Is it possible that Death is the key to unlocking your best life?

I’m dying. You’re dying. Everyone you know and love is dying. We're ALL going to die; it's just a matter of when and how. Someday--and maybe even someday very soon--your time on Planet Earth will end. Right now, deep down, you know that you’ve got more to offer. You know you’re holding something back. But still, despite all that knowing and the vague, uncomfortable awareness that Death is inevitable, the days pass, and nothing really changes. That’s the bad news.

But here’s the good news: There is a powerful, proven way to begin living your best life right now.

On this episode, you’ll learn how to transform your relationship with Death--our oldest foe--to find the motivation to become the person you were made to be and live the life you were made to live.

“Death Brings Meaning to Life.” -Macgray, age 10

My son dropped this truth bomb in our family’s lap one night at dinner. (Don’t worry, death isn’t a frequent topic of dinner-time conversation in our family. Ha.) After we picked our jaws up off of the floor, he went on to explain that if we lived forever, it wouldn’t matter what we did each day. But because our days are numbered, every day is important. If Death does, in fact, make each day precious, then why don’t we live like it?

What is Your Relationship with Death?

We usually relate to Death in at least one of two ways:

  1. We take great pains to avoid acknowledging our Mortality it at all costs, or

  2. Death shows up in our life somehow, unwelcome and unannounced, and we’re forced to acknowledge it.

Two traumatic experiences forced me to acknowledge and wrestle with my Mortality. In this episode, I share how those experiences woke me up to the likely consequences of neglect of my physical and mental wellbeing and sparked a massive transformation.

Mortality: Liability or Asset?

By failing to confront our Mortality, are we doing ourselves more harm than good? What if Death--something we have historically only seen as the ultimate liability--could become our greatest asset in life? I believe this not only possible; it is ideal. By upgrading our relationship to Mortality, you can (minimally) escape deathbed regrets and (even better!) live your best life now.

Start Today

What are you putting off? Who can you be that you’re not becoming? What part of your purpose are you failing to fulfill? Starting today, see your relationship with Death for what it is, upgrade it as needed, and begin tapping into the power of your Mortality to become the person you were made to be and live the life you were made to live.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 = avoidance / fear and 10 = courageous acceptance), how would you rate your relationship with Death? Why that score? Share your answers in the comments on this episode’s post on Facebook.

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