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Ep. 072 | Report From the Frontier

A Pioneer's Tale, with Kris Reeves


In episode 070, Forward, Pioneer!: Why the "Frontier" is the Best Place to Be, I asserted that we humans are made for the Frontier and the Frontier is made for us. To shrink back from it is to do ourselves and everyone around us much more harm than good. It's a short solo episode, and if you haven't listened to it yet, hit pause on this one and cue up that one. It's a perfect appetizer for today's main course.

Because today, we get a report from the Frontier from one of my favorite Pioneers, my friend Kris Reeves. This episode is episode 70 with skin on, so to speak, and it will encourage and equip you to take your next steps into the Frontier that's calling to you.

Meet Kris Reeves

I met Kris a couple of years ago in one of those small-world, technology-enabled moments of serendipity. He was researching real estate in my local Steamboat Springs market and came across my wife's Instagram business account. Kris and Charis connected, somehow I got looped in, and it quickly became evident that Kris and I had a lot in common and a lot to talk about. It's been a pleasure to watch his Frontier Story unfold since then. About 5 weeks ago, Kris called on the first weekday in almost two decades that he wasn't reporting to his corporate job. He was calling to celebrate that he'd burned the ships and fully committed to his new professional Frontier. Immediately, I knew I wanted to share his story, and Kris has been kind enough to oblige.

Once you get to know Kris, though, I think you'll agree that he wasn't just doing me a favor. Helping others become Pioneers in their own right is part of his calling in life.

Kris is Birmingham, AL born-and-raised, and his accent is music to my ears as a native Southeasterner myself. After almost 20 years in HVAC distribution and manufacturing, Kris and his wife, Jennifer, responded to the call of their next Frontier to invest in commercial real estate--self-storage, to be exact. They've had remarkable success in a remarkably short period of time. As Kris will attest, though, the apparent "overnight success" of Peak Storage Group, LLC was carried on the shoulders of years of preparation behind the scenes.

Highlights From This Conversation

  • How to discover your next Frontier.

  • What it takes to break the power of the Status Quo and enter your new Frontier.

  • How summoning the courage to enter your new Frontier not only changes you–it changes the world.

  • How to cultivate the Pioneer mindset.

  • The key to turning your dreams into reality.

  • And more…

The Mortality Mindset Will Propel You Into Your New Frontier

In this Chapter of his Story, Kris' Frontier is a new professional path. But Frontiers in our lives come in all shapes and sizes and flavors. Maybe the Frontier calling to you right now has to do with your health or a relationship or a besetting fear. Some of you know exactly what Frontier is beckoning. Others of you aren't sure at all or are actively avoiding even the slightest suggestion of a Frontier. But one thing is true of all of you: There IS a new Frontier with your name on it.

This is where the unmatched status-quo-busting power of the Mortality Mindset shines. If you knew you were going to die exactly 5 years from today, what Frontier would you venture into TODAY? Whatever your answer is, summon the courage right now to take your first steps toward it. "Tomorrow" never comes, but Death is inevitable. Don't die gazing upon your Frontier from afar. Instead, die exploring it with guts, gusto, and abandon.

And if you're already in your new Frontier...keep going!

Trusted Partners for Your Pioneering Journey

Pioneering journeys are best undertaken with trusted, competent companions. That's precisely why I created the Graveyard Group.

With your own confidential board of advisors in a small group setting, you break the power of the status quo and boldly forge ahead into the Frontiers that are important to you. You rob Death of deathbed regrets even as you use it to motivate you.

New groups for men and women are launching in January, led by a fantastic team of facilitators.

Take control of your Destiny. See if the Graveyard Group is right for you. Visit to learn more.

See You In January, Lord Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise!

I'm taking a creative break in December, so the next episode will air on Monday, January 9--Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. In the meantime, I wish all of you the very best of holiday seasons. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, give the things that matter most the attention they deserve. Hug the ones you love and tell them how much they mean to you.

I’m so glad you tuned in today. Don’t forget to follow this show, and I’ll see you next time on Andrew Petty is Dying.

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