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018 Life's 3 Big Questions

A Conversation With the Coroner

What does a coroner know about life and death that we don’t?

For starters, my guest today, Rob Ryg, says that his 17 years as coroner have shown him that death never comes when you expect it to. Which begs the question, “so if I don’t know when I’ll die, how do I live today?”

Rob digs into that question from the perspectives of his own recent encounter with Mortality, his faith, and his experience as coroner to help the rest of us live with more guts, gusto, and abandon now.

This conversation is a coroner’s report from the front lines.

Introducing Rob Ryg

Rob’s work begins when someone else's life ends, suddenly and tragically. He has stood in the sacred, grief-filled gap between the living and the dead hundreds of times. He's been privy to moments of courage and grace in the face of loss...and also there when those left behind come unhinged. He's heard what the grieving regret most. He knows better than most of us the havoc that Death leaves in its wake. It's that perspective that we tap into in this episode to gain fresh inspiration and motivation to do today what we keep putting off until "tomorrow." To put living the lives we were made to live on the front burner TODAY.

Don't Leave!

Lest you're tempted to tune out because this conversation sounds like too much of a downer, I've got good news: You'll come away encouraged by Rob's life-affirming perspective--paradoxically, cultivated from hundreds of encounters with Death.

Because paradoxically, our relationship with Death is really about our relationship with Life, and by intentionally confronting our Mortality now--before we have no choice--we train ourselves to live with greater guts, gusto, and abandon.

So don't tune out. Tune in, way in. And let this conversation about Death bring you even more to Life.

It Doesn't Get Any More Spiritual Than This

Along the way, Rob shares how his faith comes into play. If you tune into the audio version of this episode, I hope the spiritual parts of the conversation will prompt your own spiritual reflection and introspection.

Because for we humans, there are perhaps no topics MORE spiritual than life, death, and what happens next.

Rob Can Be My Coroner Any Day!

Rob and I were just acquaintances before this conversation. I can tell you after this conversation, though, that if I were ever to die suddenly and tragically, I would want Rob to be the guy to comfort my family and tend to my newly-vacated mortal coil. He has a calm and direct way about him, a gaze that holds yours firmly AND gently, and a heart for people above all. He also had his own intense encounter with Mortality just three years ago, so he speaks with a credibility gained from personal experience--not just experience gained on the job.

Here are a few of the big ideas and takeaways from this episode:

  • Rob’s 3 Big Questions For All of Us: Where did I come from? How do I get the most out of this life while I’m here? What happens when I’m gone?

  • Death never comes at the right time.

  • You’re not ready to live until you’re ready to die.

  • “I wish…” statements are one of the most common things for the loved ones of those who died to express. “I wish I’d told him what he really meant to me.” “I wish I’d spent more time with him.” “I wish I’d pushed him to get more help.” Etc… Do something TODAY to shorten your “I wish…” list!

  • The truth always wins. For example, in this case, the truth of our Mortality. We can try to suppress or avoid that truth, like holding a beach ball under water, but it will always eventually pop up and hit us in the face.

I hope you’ll tune into the whole episode because these bullet points don’t do justice to the depth of wisdom and insight that Rob shares!

Rob’s 3 Big Questions: Make them Personal, Make Them Matter

Let's take a minute to let the 3 questions that Rob shared ring in our ears and sink into our hearts and minds. How do YOU answer those questions? For some of you, these questions are familiar because for one reason or another--whether wiring or necessity or some of both (like me!)--you've wrestled with them consciously. For others of you, maybe these questions feel annoying or really uncomfortable, and you'd rather not give them any more time or energy than you already have just listening to this episode. Or maybe you've genuinely never given them the time of day--and not because you're avoiding them, but just because they haven't come up for you. No matter which of those people you are...if Rob is accurate, and these questions and their answers have real-world implications--if they actually have a huge influence on the way we live day-in and day-out, then it makes a lot of sense to answer them for ourselves.

Where did you come from? How do you get the most out of this life while you're here? And what happens when you're gone?

You ARE Going to Die: So Create the Life You Were MADE to Live

My purpose as a coach is to help you deploy your unique purpose in the world. Connect with via Facebook, my website, or email. I'll help you create the life you know you were made to live. Go Here to learn about Graveyard Group masterminds--where you tap into the power of your mortality to become the person you were made to be and live the life you were made to live.

Connect with Rob Ryg via email.

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Remember, you are going to die. But you’re NOT DEAD YET. So get after it!

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