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APiD Ep. 042 | Deep Water and the "Line of Learning"

Life and Death Through the Eyes of My 9-Year-Old Son, Marshall


My older son, Macgray, was a guest on this show way back in May of 2020, and it's been my intention all along for his younger brother, Marshall, to be a guest as well. We've finally pulled that off, and this episode is the result.

As their dad, it's a personal treat to have conversations with both of my boys recorded for posterity. And I genuinely got to know each of my sons better through these conversations.

As a student of the human condition, it's fascinating to get a glimpse of the world through the eyes of young men in formation.

There's a simplicity to the way Marshall sees things at his age, as you might expect--but there's a tremendous amount of depth, too. His heart and mind are working round the clock to make sense of this life and the world we live in, and he uses the words and concepts at his disposal to express his unique perspective in this conversation. In the course of our conversation, Marshall connected new dots of meaning and insight as a result of the attempt to put words to previously unexpressed thoughts.

And Mortality came up on its own, without me digging for it. Apparently, the reality of Mortality weighs upon even a 9-year-old’s heart and mind.

Meet Marshall

From the moment he drew his first breath, Marshall has been a wonderful, wiggly, extraverted bundle of energy and intensity. We never did find a swaddle that could contain him; he always worked one arm free and then dismantled the whole assembly. He could suck down a bottle in what seemed like one mighty gulp, and if his big brother could do something, then Marshall made it his mission to be able to do that thing, too. Today, he's got his own funky style, he's deeply moved by music, and he loves being with people.

Some Highlights From This Conversation

  • Marshall tutors me in the neuroscience of learning.

  • Marshall reveals two of his biggest fears as a kid.

  • We discuss the keys to finding your unique path in life. Hint: It’s simpler than we might think.

  • Marshall shares how he’s overcoming his personal kryptonite so that his superpowers are more available, more often.

  • Marshall makes up a new word to describe the multi-faceted life he wants to lead as a grown-up.

  • And more...

Tune in to the full episode for the full experience. It won’t disappoint.

What message does a nine-year-old boy have for you as an adult? You might be surprised.

The Incomparable Power of Curiosity-fueled Conversations

As our conversation wound down, it was super cool to hear Marshall acknowledge that he “just said a bunch of things that I didn't realize I knew how to say. I feel like my brain grew.” That’s a 9-year-old’s way of expressing what happens when we engage in curiosity-fueled conversations. We grow, expand, discover, change, and unlock new “lines of learning”--to borrow a phrase Marshall coined during this episode.

How often do you have curiosity-fueled conversations?

Let’s Start Our Own Curiosity-fueled Conversation

If you don’t have many curiosity-fueled conversations in your life, connect with me, and let’s start our own together. Our conversations will generate Insight, Insight will generate Action, and Action will generate Transformation! Insight + Action = Transformation. We could all benefit from transformation in some area of our life.

Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, visit my website, or email me.

I look forward to starting a new conversation with you!

Remember, you ARE going to die. But you’re not dead yet. So get after it!

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