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APiD Ep. 080 | The Energy Gauge

Updated: May 13, 2023

A High-powered and Underrated Tool for Finding Your Unique Path in Life


What does our energy have to do with finding our unique Path in life? A lot, as it turns out. Stay tuned to learn how to put it to work for you.

Energy for the Win

It was 2015, and I was a couple years into a major personal and professional evolution–much of which I share about in greater detail in the earliest episodes of this show. Part of that evolution had included a move to CO. Now, after a self-administered period of sabbatical, it was time to begin getting clearer on what the next chapter would be for me professionally. Though I didn’t have the language for it back then, through a long process of self-discovery supported by family, friends, colleagues, my first partnership with a coach, and insights gained through assessments and reflection, I had already created something very similar to my very own Personal Owner’s Manual. To learn how to create yours, tune into episode 035, Build Your Personal Owner’s Manual: Understand Yourself Better, Enjoy Yourself More, and Live the Life You were Made to Live.

As a result of all that work, I was beginning to lean toward coaching as the next step along my professional path. I wasn’t yet committed to it, though. Until, that is, I began to recall when I felt more and less energized in my previous professional chapter.

Hands-down, I realized, I felt more energized when I was having meaningful conversations in 1-1 and small group settings about how to move forward. Those conversations left me on a high and helped those involved. Conversely, I felt much less energized when I returned to most of the other parts of my job.

What kind of work would involve a lot more of those kinds of conversations, I wondered, and a lot less of all the other stuff? In light of the new clarity that reflecting on my energy had provided, in conjunction with the accumulated insights from all of my previous self-discovery, the field of coaching, broadly speaking, became the obvious next step on my professional path. So I summoned the courage to put my Insight into Action, and began to move forward on that path.

After 7+ years of coaching, I can confidently say that my energy didn’t let me down. It was a reliable guide then, and it continues to guide me well today. Your energy can do the same for you.

The Energy Gauge

Imagine with me for a moment a dashboard. This isn’t any old dashboard, though. It’s your personal dashboard. Its gauges and indicator lights are specific to you, and from it you gain important information about how well you’re functioning. Your fuel gauge tells you when it’s time to rest, recover, and recharge. Your emotions gauge informs you about how you’re responding to internal and external stimuli and where attention is needed. You get the idea. It’s your dashboard, and you can customize it any way you’d like. I recommend making sure that one gauge is present and prominent on your dashboard, however–your Energy Gauge.

When we pay attention to our energy, we get rich real-world feedback about what we were made to do and what we weren’t made to do.

Watch when your energy gauge goes up and when it goes down. In both cases, take note of the specific conditions that are causing it to go up or down. Then, take action to engineer the circumstances of your life to allow you to do more of what energizes you and less of what doesn’t.

The magic of the energy gauge lies at least in large part in the fact that when our energy goes up, we can be confident that our innate personality, abilities, gifts, and talents, our life experiences, our interests, and our values are all being put to use in some significant way. When our energy goes down, we can be confident that those things are less present.

In other words, when we pay attention to our energy gauge, we get all that and a bag of chips.

Whether you need a tweak, a major adjustment, or feel like you have no clue at all what your path in life is, your energy gauge will serve you well. It’s simple, reliable, actionable, and powerful. It demystifies what can feel like a daunting and hopelessly complex pursuit, i.e. finding your path in life.

Anyone can use it, and you can begin using it right now. The keys to unlocking its potential are the Courage and Humility to act upon what you discover.

Tune in to episodes 077 and 078 to learn more about Courage, Humility, and the rest of the Big 6 essential ingredients in the recipe for a life you’ll be outrageously proud of when you die.

Check Your Personal Energy Gauge

What is your energy gauge telling you? What’s one thing you’re willing and able to change today to act on what it’s telling you and get even clearer on your unique path in life?

Remember, you are going to die. But you’re not dead yet. So get after it.

Dedicated Support for the Road Ahead

It’s one thing to pay attention to your energy gauge. It’s another thing entirely to act on what it’s telling you and stay the course. That’s where a 1-1 coaching partnership with me can make all the difference. I’ll help you break free from the grip of the Status Quo so that you can become who you were made to be and live the life you were made to live.

To learn more, visit my website to schedule a free session, find me on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, or email me.

I’m so glad you tuned in today. Don’t forget to follow this show, and I’ll see you next time on Andrew Petty is Dying.

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