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Ep. 083 | Tell Your Stories, Free Yourself

How Telling the Stories of the Things That You Keep Can Change Your Life


We all have a lot of competing demands and priorities, obligations and opportunities--plenty of day-to-day things to tend to that have clear relevance. In the midst of all that, why would we set aside time specifically for cultivating deeper connections with fellow humans? What's the point of "connection" with others? On the one hand, a better question might be "why don't we set aside that time" because perhaps its value is obvious on some level.

But the fact of the matter is that many of us still suffer from a profound lack of meaningful human connection--especially in this global age. So though we may give it lip service, most of us don't walk the talk.

Martie McNabb is a personal historian/visual artist who creates visual narratives from client’s photo, document & memorabilia archives. She's also an interactive story-sharing "heartist" who helps people create connections by giving them a way to share the stories of the things they keep. That's what her company, Thing Tide Show & Tale, and her Show and Tale events are all about. Helping people connect has been part of her Martie's mission from the beginning.

In this episode, you'll learn how the things that we keep contain stories waiting to be told, how telling those stories connects us to our own Story and to our fellow humans more meaningfully, and why all of that matters for you and me.

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Martie McNabb
Martie McNabb
Jun 12, 2023

Thanks Andrew for this sweet opportunity to spend time with you & your community. It was an honor & pleasure.

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