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Ep. 088 | Becoming the Hero in Your Own Story

Overcoming Resistance and Fear on the Journey, with Vince Coleman


If you're experiencing overwhelming frustration and disappointment because despite your efforts to find fulfillment in your current career, you still feel empty and unfulfilled, then you are not alone! If you're constantly taking on new projects and responsibilities, hoping they will bring you joy and purpose, only to find yourself in the same state of dissatisfaction, then you are not alone! If you're caught in a cycle of fear and resistance, unable to take the leap into a new adventure that excites you, because the fear of the unknown is paralyzing, then you are not alone! If you're longing for something more, something that aligns with your passions and values, but you're held back by the fear of failure and the opinions of others, then you are not alone!

There's good news: You don't have to stay stuck. Vince Coleman shows us the way.

Meet My Guest, Steamboat Local Vince Coleman

Vince Coleman is a Steamboat local and a living testament to the transformation that can come from accepting a call to adventure. From the daily grind in restaurant kitchens to the creative world of leather-working, Vince has turned his passion into a promising career. As both an entrepreneur and small business owner, Vince is known not just for crafting unique leather products at Coleman's Haberdashery, but for his inspiring journey towards finding fulfillment beyond the culinary world. His story is an energizing journey of self-discovery and innovation and an example to us all.

I was just getting burned out, tired, exhausted, frustrated, you know, kind of all of the above. - Vince Coleman

In this episode, you will:

  • Uncover tactics for mastering fears and resistance when taking the leap into a new adventure.

  • Realize the vital role of exploring oneself and engaging in rewarding hobbies for personal growth.

  • Grasp the remarkable power of having companions and allies as you pursue your next adventure.

  • Witness the transformation brought about by embracing change and following one's passion.

Overcoming fears and resistance is a recurring theme in Vince's journey. Undertaking a career transition inherently breeds uncertainty and apprehension, yet Vince was able to navigate these hurdles with encouragement from his supportive network. His story serves as a reminder that while fear and resistance are natural responses to change, they can be overcome with determination, support, and a clear vision.

Become the Hero in Your Own Story

Hero's Journeys come in all shapes and sizes--from a major vocational transition like Vince's to summoning the courage to have a hard conversation to leaving the house for the first time in a while. We see them as we look at the whole span of our lifetime, and we can see them in the span of just one day. The pattern is everywhere and at every level of resolution in our lives.

What if instead of simply being an observer of that pattern in our lives retrospectively, though, we could voluntarily activate it to live with even more purpose and adventure?

That's exactly what The Best is Yet to Come will equip you to do. On Saturday, October 14, from 9:30am - 8:30pm, join me, Jon Ritner, and your fellow heroes for Growth Camp 2023, a one-day in-person intensive that combines the inspiration of a great Ted Talk with the relational richness of a long lingering meal and tops it off with the insights and action steps acquired from personal coaching.

Whatever adventure calls to you, you will become learn how to become the Hero in your own story and be empowered to move forward with guts, gusto, and abandon. Wherever you are on your journey, whatever your age or stage, this is the right time to declare that the best is yet to come!

Go Here for details and to register. If this opportunity is tugging at you, do something about it and reserve your spot today. One day really could change your life.

Remember, you are going to die. But you’re not dead yet. So get after it!

Thank you once again for your time and attention. I'm so glad you tuned in today. Don't forget to follow this show and share it with your friends, and I'll see you next time on Andrew Petty is Dying!

Timestamped Summary of This Episode

00:00:00 - Introduction Andrew Petty introduces the podcast episode and the concept of the Hero's Journey, a framework for a life of purpose and adventure. 00:01:24 - The Best is Yet to Come Andrew announces an upcoming event called "The Best is Yet to Come," where participants can gain a deep understanding of the Hero's Journey and find clarity about their own unique adventure. 00:02:38 - Vince's Story Andrew introduces Vince Coleman and discusses his transition from the culinary world to owning his own business. Vince shares the early hints that a new adventure was calling to him. 00:07:34 - Resistance to Change Vince talks about the resistance he faced when transitioning from the culinary industry to starting his own business. He shares the challenges of uncertainty and financial investment, as well as the fear of fully committing to the new adventure. 00:12:14 - Overcoming Uncertainty Vince discusses how he navigated the transition from working in the restaurant industry to fully committing to his leather business. He shares his decision to work part-time at a restaurant while growing his business and funding it from his savings account. 00:14:45 - Embracing Uncertainty and Transition Andrew and Vince discuss the importance of accepting uncertainty in life and embracing the call to adventure. The guest's wife and close friends played a significant role in supporting his transition from the culinary industry to the leather business. Financial considerations also played a major role in his decision to pursue his new career path. 00:17:21 - Making a Viable Business Vince shares how he realized the potential of his leather business when it started making more money than his previous job. This financial success gave him the confidence to fully commit to his new venture and focus on growing it into a sustainable career. 00:20:01 - Challenges and Growth Vince reflects on the challenges he faced during the early years of his leather business, including burnout and exhaustion. He eventually found a balance between aggressive growth and manageable workload, allowing him to prioritize his well-being and personal life. 00:22:58 - Balancing Success and Self-Management Vince discusses the importance of self-management and maintaining a balance between running the business and being consumed by its success. He highlights the ongoing process of reassessing priorities and finding the right work-life balance as the business continues to grow. 00:25:43 - Shaping Life with Intention, Vince shares how his adventure into entrepreneurship has changed his outlook on life. He now has the freedom to shape his business and personal life in a way that allows him to pursue his passions and prioritize experiences like travel. 00:29:04 - The Value of Money and Experience Money adds comfort, but life is about experiences and relationships. Money can make things easier but also more challenging. Comfort can lead to complacency and loss of connection with our stories and sense of adventure. 00:30:22 - Embracing the Call to Adventure We are designed to experience life, explore, create, and have adventures. The hero's journey resonates within us because it reflects our true calling. We were made to be pioneers and not settle into comfort and complacency. 00:31:29 - The Impact of Accepting the Call to Adventure Accepting the call to adventure can lead to significant personal and professional changes. Vince's marriage, mindset, and contribution to the world have all been positively transformed because he chose to embrace the unknown. 00:33:35 - Alternative Reality and the Importance of Pursuing Dreams Imagining a life where Vince didn't accept the call to adventure feels depressing and unfulfilling. Pursuing dreams and passions, following desires, and living life with intent are crucial for personal fulfillment and growth. 00:39:12 - Vince's Journey as an Example Vince's entrepreneurial journey serves as a real-life example of the Hero's Journey. It highlights the importance of embracing uncertainty, overcoming challenges, and transforming oneself. Each person's Hero's Journey will look different, but the essence remains the same. 00:43:58 - Opportunity to Change Your Life Andrew encourages listeners to reserve their spot at The Best is Yet to Come because one day really can change their lives.

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