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Ep. 095 | How to Become Someone You Feel Genuinely Good About


Who are you? 

A big question, for sure, and not a slow pitch over the plate for most of us. But it’s a pitch that is critical for us to get good at hitting. 

As of this recording, I’m just a couple days removed from the first Growth Camp of 2024, where we plumbed the time-proven depths of the Hero’s Journey framework to go beyond resolutions and discover a heroic path to our best year yet.

Once again, the importance of who we are–-that is, the quality of our character and our responses in life’s defining moments–-rose to the surface and stayed there, demanding our attention, resisting our instinctive attempts to boil life down to a set of tips, tricks, hacks, and strategies; and calling us to become even better humans. 

I’ve tackled the question of who we are before. In fact, in one way or another, every episode of this podcast is about who we are. I tackled this topic directly, though, in episodes 77 and 78, a two-part series devoted to what I call The Big 6–essential ingredients in the recipe for a life you’ll be outrageously proud of when you die. 


In this episode, I pull the Big 6 from the proverbial back burner to the front burner to reheat them for all of us.

The path illuminated for us by The Big 6 isn’t sexy, it’s not easy, and it’s paved with discomfort. But this path corresponds with Reality and leads to meaning, purpose, true significance, and becoming someone we feel genuinely good about.

Arduous as it may be, I find that path preferable to one divorced from Reality that ultimately leads to meaninglessness, purposelessness, insignificance, and becoming someone I genuinely despise. 

Tune in for the guts of the original two episodes on the Big 6 combined into one episode and reset in the context of key qualities that will lead us to feel genuinely good about who we are and lead a life of meaning, purpose, and significance.

Remember: You ARE going to die. But you’re not dead yet. So get after it!

I Have a Favor to Ask

I want this show to reach many more people. If it has been helpful to you, I invite you to share it with others for their benefit. It can be as simple as texting an episode that was meaningful to you to a friend. For extra credit, post an episode on social media. 

This is where the marketing folks would probably say I should incentivize you with a freebie of some sort. But I’m going to appeal to a different part of you instead–the higher and even better part of you that finds joy and fulfillment in simply improving other people’s lives and knowing that their improvement ripples outward to the rest of the world. 

Thank you!

I’m grateful for your trust, time, and attention. Don’t forget to follow this show, and I’ll see you next time on Andrew Petty is Dying.

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